Monday, March 23, 2009

Sales! Updates! And Contests Ending!

Before we go anywhere, I'd like to inform y'all that Threadless' Spring Cleaning Sale is, unsurprisingly, continuing until March 30th. It doesn't seem like much else has been added to the cheap ranks, but when we posted last week, we didn't realize the wealth of SELECTS on sale for only $10. We highly recommend checking through the $10 tees for this reason: there is almost no such thing as a select that isn't worth $10, especially considering their normal $25 price point.

Anyway, to business... I'm posting this a little late because as of RIGHT NOW, our Contest Watch Contest is closed for entries. Done. Finis. Threadless came in with a one-two punch of awesome former CW selections, bringing our total up to 24. The lucky prints? First off, we have Choose Your Own Adventure, by EdgarRMcHerly. It's a smart shirt, one that takes nostalgia while re-writing it, and one which uses the shirt in an interactive way. I think it'll be a strong seller, much as I was certain it would print. But this particular piece deserves a little extra lauding. Edgar's print marks the very first time a shirt.woot-born t-shirt designer has been printed at Threadless. Having cut my tee-critiquing teeth over at woot, it does my heart good to see some of the talented designers who so often go unappreciated at their contest start to come into their own at places where their talent might be further appreciated. There may be other wooters who might be AS deserving of being first to print at the most prestigious of tee-design contests, but I can think of no one MORE deserving than Edgar.

My high praise for Choose Your Own Adventure makes a bit of a hard follow-up, but thankfully update two is unique enough to be no rival: jimmytan's Self Serve/Surf. Its mixed media approach seperates itself from the other shirt easily. I love it as a side placement (I truly don't recall if this was how it was intended originally, but I love it), and while the former makes me happier, this is probably going to be the quicker buy. In all honesty, for all the hype last week with all the high-scorers printing, these two shirts make me feel that THIS week is the one to watch. Again, if one of these captures your interest, you may want to snag it fast... sales can even make non-sale shirts deplete with a quickness.

Now, onto the serious stuff. These being updates 23 and 24 respectively, the contest watch contest is officially over, as noted above (which is pretty rough, since these two shirts were the most popular guesses). I've got all the names and guesses, both from my blog and my email, written down and ready to snip out. Upon finding out about the 25th update, I'll make my drawing (drawings, if necessary) and announce a winner in the write-up for update 25. What could be simpler? Good luck to everyone who has entered... we'll see you for the finale!


theinfinityloop said...

Arrrrrrrggggghhh! I was only off by one!

bo said...

so close. darn!

Jaden Kale said...

Man, I'll flip if mine gets chosen... I really don't think my pick will get the love at threadless.