Monday, March 9, 2009

Update: A Million Little Peoples

Holy old-school, Batman! Threadless has been snagging a lot of two-month-old designs lately for their winners' circle, but they went aaaaall the way back to September this week to pull out MINNIM's "The Infinite Struggle." What a left-field choice, we say... though we're certainly not going to complain, since the print brings our update tally up to 20. As we predicted in our second Contest Watch ever, from afar it looks like a textured shirt with a big triangle on it, though while we posited that it would be less than interesting at that distance, in reality, it looks pretty good anyway, and is definitely distinctive. Up close, the detail seems to be preserved, and I'm still of the belief that this will be the sort of shirt that could be worth buying just to look at it... especially since THE BACK IS PRINTED TOO! Yes, this is the epic doodle to end all doodles. I wish Threadless would have posted a full view of the back on this one, so we could get a feel for what to expect. Still, it's a unique piece that is going to be especially striking with spring around the corner, letting you flaunt every inch of hand-cramping detail. Seriously, pick one up if only to support the bills MINNIM surely has incurred for carpal tunnel. And don't forget, every update creeps us closer to the end of our Contest Watch Contest. In case you didn't know, you can win a freaking FREE SHIRT. We don't know why you haven't entered yet, but let this shirt be a reminder... literally every shirt is in the running. Good luck on those guesses!

Finally, it's Bestee of the Month time again. My vote is an admitted long-shot to AndyG's Capistrano Spring Break. If you like it, and want to keep the fight interesting, vote vote vote!

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