Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend of Big Changes: Teextile

Also updating starting tomorrow is newcomer Teextile. Formerly one shirt a day, one day only, their wares will now be available all week. It's still a little unsure still how they will do it: right now, it looks like they will have them all available all week for $15, with each having a specific "featured" day for $12. It is also possible, however, that the shirts may go on sale on their featured day, and then sell for the next week after. Either way is good news for you: extra time to buy is always welcome. Keep your eyes peeled at Teextile for the specifics.

We also hear they will be bringing back selected shirts previously for sale, which will be pretty awesome if you've missed one. However, for the inaugural week of the new layout, we're backing "Is That You?" by Attila. The detail is solid, the idea cute, the colors moody, and the lighting really turns the whole thing on. It'll be on sale Tuesday, but if you want it sooner, try snagging it Monday to see which method the site has sided with. Either way, you'll definitely have the rest of the week if you do stall on grabbing it in time.

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