Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update 25 and Contest Winners Announced!

We're pretty excited about update #25, and not just because it came from a more underdog site. The big winner is Tolagunestro's "Extraterrestrial," a great piece from a great artist, brought to us by new weekly shirt purveyor Teextile. More on them this weekend. The colors on the shirt are great, and I love the spacey, alien, robotic feel to the illustration. It's sure to go great in my wardrobe with his Scifiction (and for those of you who are interested in a bit of a different angle, he did a quite lovely piece for shirt.woot the other day). It's up for sale all week, but if you can wait until Friday you'll be rewarded with a discount.

Now, with the print of this shirt comes important business: announcing the winner of our Contest Watch Contest! The entries were stuck into a magical chili-pepper cup, shaken vigorously, and the lucky winner was April P. A frequent reader of the blog, April is also responsible for one of our updates, Spirit of the Stag. While she came up just short of guessing on the nose with Self Serve/Surf, we think she'll be looking awesome in her brand new copy of Timberland, the shirt she's selected as her prize. We just ordered a copy of that one ourselves, and we're quite excited about it as well.

Sadly, no one won the spot-on prize... in fact, of all the entries I got via my blog as well as mailed directly to me, only one entrant guessed a design submit elsewhere than Threadless. A normal person might take this as a sign to save some cash, but I decided to spread the wealth and select three winners for a booby prize. Congrats, therefore, to Bo M., Larry, and Justin C.! We're sorry your awesome guesses didn't win you a chance to select a tee from our diverse and awesome set of updates, but just so you don't go naked, we will be selecting some even more diverse shirts for you! Each of you will receive a hand-selected tee chosen from the finest array of thrift and vintage purveyors and shipped over for you to sport proudly or gift to an enemy! We'll even launder it with care, so it'll be ready to rock as soon as you open your envelope! We hope you are as excited for this as we are. Because we're pretty chuffed about it, to be honest. All prizes will be shipped out by late April. Excitement!

For the rest of you, I've compiled the first 25 in one handy-dandy area for you. We encourage you to support whichever pieces you like... many of these designers rely on sales to garner residuals as well as make them more appealing to print again. And we want that. There will be a permanent link on our sidebar, but for now, find our complete list through this link. Thanks for a great contest... here's hoping we'll see you here for #100!


theinfinityloop said...

Yay! Thanks for the shirt and the cool contest! And congrats to you for reaching 25 shirts!

Justin said...

You are absolutely awesome, Adder!

bo said...

oh man i love diverse shirts :)
thanks adder!

BigLa said...

This is exactly what I need in my life. More people protecting me from nakedness. Thanks!