Monday, March 16, 2009

22: Well That Was Quick!

Update #22 comes today, after a biggie yesterday at Threadless. It's courtesy of the wild and woolly world of Ink-Hound, which is a first for us. The weekly shirt-and-hat printshop has long been on our radar, and has even had a mention or two in our write-ups, but this is the first design I chose for a contest watch blurb, and likely the first shirt I'll purchase from them. I'm happy to have a chance to expose them further... they're starting to grab more attention, so who knows the awesome we'll see on there in future weeks.

It's also a first in that it is, without a doubt, the quickest turnaround we've ever had from write-up to shirt. Seriously, we just blogged this Thursday, and it's up for sale nownownownow. Surely you remember: Cronikas, by tobefonseca. We loved the reds. We loved the textures. We loved the owl, and we loved what looks to be a babushka doll wrapped in gauze. It's amazingly stylized, and has what I hesitate to call "old world charm," only because I am sure I am misusing the term. As I said above, I love it. But it's a bittersweet love. While I fully plan to snag one of these now for me, it hurts a little to know this will disappear in a week. Lost to the ages. Unavailable to my Contest Watch Contest Prize Sheet. Which, as some of you may know, is winding down pretty quick... update 22 means only 2 more left to get those entries in. So maybe this one will be available after all. But for now, I recommend snagging it while you have the chance. Not that you'd seriously pass up something so awesome. You read my blog, right? You know better!

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