Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Read About it in a Blog, Read About it With a Frog

So there's this awesome site called Cameesa that I know I've told y'all about before, but is too awesome not to keep mentioning. It's all about crowdfunding... you the customer can control what prints by helping fund it. It's a great opportunity for shirts with rabid fanbases but just not enough mainstream support to succeed on voting sites. Here at Singularitee, we of course have favorites: currently we're throwing our $20 behind Coq Music, Color Bleeding, and Space Bees II. Check 'em out and support 'em if you dig 'em.

But this isn't about that as such: it's about a promo the site is running in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Yes, we know that the good doc isn't able to celebrate with us, but his work has stoked the imaginations of millions for generations. In his honor, and in conjunction with their two excellent bookish tees, they're holding a contest. Grand prize is one of those two literatees and a book of your choice. This is an awesome prize, and I am greedy, but sometimes obligations come first... it's definitely worth checking out. Hell, feel free to wax nostalgic on books here too... I'd love to hear all about it.

Of course, if you don't win, or don't trust your chances enough to enter, you could always just pick up their literary threads individually. One has been praised often at this blog, but the second is one of their longest running tees, and the shirt that made me start expecting big things from the site: Take Me To Your Reader, by vonmonkey. I like the mixed feel of it... the simple outline of a cityscape as compared to the designer's trademark sketchy, detailed style on the otherworldly tome and the unsuspecting man about to be abducted, and that combined with the wall of text that makes up the beam encompassing the character. The vintage looking text works well with the vintage looking illo, and the color scheme only serves to hammer home the concept. But the concept is solid on its own, as well. I love this because it seems like a classic commentary on the imagination... the way good literature can feel like it's taking you away to another world. That the shirt features elements that could have been a great short story in and of themselves shows that this is a concept the designer was really feeling upon creating it, and one that will lead potential fans to fall in love with the piece as much as it is presumed the designer did with its concept.

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Andrew Cronk said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am blog blushing!

It always feels great when someone really connects with what we are doing: connecting artists directly with their fans.

Bravo on your blog too. Definitely a leader in the tee world!