Saturday, March 14, 2009


When SingulariTee likes your shirt, we support it. That's the main point of the blog: draw attention to the things I believe deserve that attention. So when you see a shirt featured in the Contest Watch portions of this blog, it's not because I'm tight with the designer, or that I'm confident I can add it as a "victory" some day. It is because I believe the shirt deserves to be made, and 9 times out of 10, because I want it on my chest. It's bittersweet, then, to make this particular update, since neither design fits the normal mold, but to the same degree, if it's out there, you should know, and hopefully support the designers.

Firstly, we have Dekonstruct's Thrift Monster. What I liked about this to start, and still like about it, is the subtle humor and even a sense of nostalgia. The old boxes make it feel more like the monster is playing with hand-me-downs, or old, once forgotten relics of his childhood... it especially reminds me of old Christmases, when we'd pull up the ornaments and decorations, packed with haphazard love into whatever large boxes we had at the time. The "thrift" theme is a bit lost out of context, but it is no less enjoyable for it. This one comes to us from Dekonstruct's MySoti page, which has an eclectic mix of his trademark cartoony humor, along with some slogan work of various levels. It's all print on demand, so every sale means a profit. So give him your damn money.

Both happier and sadder is the case of ISABOA, or Joe Carr, as makes more sense for this update. Joe's got a site, Antiquated Press, dedicated to, well, art in an older, "antiquated" style. It's something he does quite well, so it's little shock to me that it would be a style he favors. Part and parcel with the site, he's started releasing limited edition prints of some of his work. You can check out the current catalog, but Workshop is the one we're most excited about. It looks great printed, and is a favorite Contest Watch design around here, so I'm excited to have a chance to get one. I'm equally disappointed, though, that I don't have a chance to wear it, because it looked like it would be an excellent shirt. If you loved it before, maybe you want it on your wall? And if you're interested in any of the work he has available, use promo code OMGPALS for 15% off (courtesy of OMG Posters).

Neither of these are an "official" update here... posters aren't shirts, after all, and I really want these to be selected, recognized updates... whether winners at Threadless or selected at TeeFury. As such, neither will be counted toward our contest's update tally, pressing onward and upward toward 25. However, both will be included in the potential prize list, and both should be up for your consideration.

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