Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calooh, Callay!

It is a rarity, yet a heartwarming one, to see shirt.woot bring us something we've been anticipating from another site. Consequently, we were ecstatic to see The Walrus and the High Wheeler pop up yesterday as their daily offering. Frequent readers may remember this from long ago... the second Shirtfight contest, if I remember correctly... and while woot is normally one to pass over good work to another company's eventual gain, this time they take Shirtfight's loss for their own benefit. Theinfinityloop's piece is gloriously odd but unmistakably charming... the pinniped on the penny-farthing looks like the most proper old chap ever, and simply makes me smile. The little crab is wonderful too, and an enjoyable sight-gag to catch after the main piece. I truly loved this most on white, but the creme blank will not be a hindrance to me picking this up one way or another. It's just that fun, and makes a great addition to what has been a surprisingly solid week of woot tees so far. Presumably to make up for what will be a painful weekend.

As with all woot tees, I wouldn't presume this'll be around longer than the 14th, so pick it up ASAP. It's worth checking if you find this later, but wooters are never known for keeping the best work on the charts.

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theinfinityloop said...

Thanks for the great write-up!