Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of Course, Of Course

Despite compelling evidence to the contrary in my younger days, I've never really seen the appeal of horses. I mean, sure, they're cool animals, but the allure that many seem to fall prey to is lost on me. I must presume that this is because I have never seen creepy cactus horses, though, because Mitohapa's "The Ghost Town Cactus Trio" is pure awesome.

It's been picked up by the wonderful folks at Tilteed, who have just recently switched to a weekly format instead of their previous schedule of once every three days. While this may mean fewer shirts in total, here at the blog there's a definite feeling that Tilteed is doing things right: they've got one of the strongest lineups I've seen from a site their age, and this new one is no different. The ghostly nature of the horses is what really makes this more than the greatest dream of a 10-year-old girl somewhere; the palette is ominous and eerie, while the linework still captures the form and grace of the creatures. Frequent readers also surely know that I love the cactus element. Why are the horses cactus? There's really no logical reason, but it looks great, and it helps give this an Old West vibe as well... as if the steeds are, as the shirt's name implies, galloping through a ghost town. Between the art and the site releasing it, this'll be a great tee.


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EdwardBlake said...

She looks hawt. I think somebody likes you, Adder!

Jaden Kale said...

Woo Hoo!! Not only are you on their list, you're in the first row on the first page! Congrats :D