Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Noodle No More

So, I am not going to lie, I find "Dinner is Ready" by jacopo to be one of the most charmingly weird fun shirts in the Threadless catalog. As I said long ago in a contest watch, it has this whole world laid out in this one scene... a bizarre, magical world, and one that you can imagine all the inner workings of bit by bit. I always like that in shirts... something so offbeat that it can't be anything but the designer's imagination, but so accessible that you're drawn in to make it familiar, instead of blocked out because you "don't get it". If you find that you don't get it too often, maybe you're the one missing something.

That all said, I feel that in retrospect, dumping pasta on your enemies might be the wrong way to go. Sure, you might scald a few, but once it lands, you've just given them a heaping pile of carbs, and regardless of the hype against them in recent years, we all know that carbs do give us energy. And I'd think that's the last thing we'd want to give our enemies. Possibly a bad call, viking-gnomes.

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