Monday, September 14, 2009

Delightful Burnt-orange Hogboy

About 6 months ago, we here at Singularitee sent out an ultimatum to Design by Humans: get an orange blank, in order to do justice to the wonderful Hogboy design Taipei Rocks. We suggested that they could simply dye a bunch of white blanks for the single tee. We even invoked the most horrible fear any site could have: a designer taking their awesome work to shirt.woot instead. And now, nearly 6 months later, we are happy to say DBH has totally delivered.

Taipei Rocks looks just as rockin' (and likely just as Taipei-esque) as I could have hoped for, and while I certainly don't believe I alone influenced the decision, I'm nevertheless stoked that the decision was made. Really, that rich sky blue contrasts so boldly and wonderfully with the orange, which itself is rich and carroty instead of the blindingbright (yet still wonderful) orange of many sites. And of course, all the character whimsy is still here. I want to take a moped ride with mustache-man. I want to have a guitar-off with the big blue robot who looks like a security camera (if only because win or lose, I'm sure it would involve a high-five resulting in rainbows). More than anything, is that a street sign for ice cream? Dude, Taipei is SO my sort of place. Except they might want to check those pink clouds. They look cool and all, but that might not be totally healthy.

For the next 8 hours or so, you can snag this bad boy for only $15, which is an amazing deal for a new shirt color, one of the best quality blanks in the business, and a wonderfully imaginative design. But then, if you miss it, I promise this one will be quite worth the $20.


Cody Wayne said...

I think those are fireworks, not clouds.

Jestik said...

Mine is on the way!