Sunday, September 6, 2009

What the Cluck pt. 2

After months of waiting for full support at Cameesa, waiting for the shirt to print and come in, and waiting for the shirt to reprint so it wasn't bizarrely pea green, I was beginning to despair that I might never be able to excitedly inform y'all that Coq Music is officially for sale at the crowdfunding site... so much so that my official update has long been delayed even past its true launch. Still, this is a tee I've been truly stoked for, and for those of you who may not have seen it yet, I hope you will enjoy. It's glorious. The colors are wonderful, the style is whimsical and appealing, and the concept is totally out there, which pretty much guarantees a home run for me... really, I was sold from the start on those hip glasses on the rooster. What I really love about the designer, though (blog favorite Monsieur Pimpant) is his natural, rough, loose style. He designs so organically, using the tee as just one more sketchbook page, and at his best he creates a vignette that captures the imagination... the possibilities of what this piece could mean are pretty endless, and imagining that world doesn't get old. What sort of society had giant birds commanding tiny men to wind their Victrola? What sort of music are they even listening to? We can only hope it is not the chicken dance.

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