Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guac'in to the Oldies

Y'all may have noticed that Shirt.woot has been doing this little thing where they bring back classic shirts for a week to reprint, but if you haven't, now's as good a time to find out as any. Their latest reincarnation is Avocado Man, relevant as being my first shirt.woot regret (you best believe I've got one coming this time), but also for being only their third "classic" yet already being their first to not survive a single reckoning. What I love about this little guy is just his sad, calm charm. He looks like he could use a hug. That and a love of avocado made him a must have, despite my normal aversion to kanji-on-my-chest. But even better than him, his printing has an even more important implication: namely, it implies that woot isn't going to solely be bringing back amazing sellers for their Redux/Remix project. To me, this is very important, because woot's biggest failure is the way it seems to not take into account quality in so many of its day to day dealings, but solely sales. Seeing a less successful print get another chance in the sun implies to me that shirt.woot wants to use this avenue to bring back shirts that truly deserve another showcase, not just whatever will make them the most repeat money. If so, it's a small but definite step toward a shirt.woot that understands it needs to be more respectful of the artists they're supposedly supporting, instead of just allowing any old thing to make a grand.

That all said, these ARE limited editions. Every Monday, a new Classic pops up along with the new woots, which means this particular one is only gonna be with us a little over a day longer. Pick one up now, and cross your fingers that next week continues the relatively strong lineup of classics so far.

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