Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Kittens!

No, seriously. They're totally free! Especially Stinky! He stinks!

But seriously, we're kinda stoked about Gizmetco!'s "Kitty Gratis," because it's such a fun concept. It's one we wrote up a long time ago in our Contest Watch, but one we just now are seeing print at shirt.woot, making another in a string of really perplexingly awesome dailies lately. It's like their mojo has finally returned. I totally dug this more in Heather Grey, but I'm kinda in love with a good Orange shirt, too, so I'm all about this anyway. I love great, weird humor, and something about this hits that tone with me in a big way. The big news for me? The change of number. The new number reinforces the insane kittyness of the piece, and adds its own new punchline as well, which to me is always better than a tired old "boobies" joke.

We all know the average woot doesn't last forever, or very long at all, and this one is only guaranteed on sale until October 5th. It's $10 all day today, unless it sells out, but you can always grab it for $15 after that, or for as long as it lasts in reckoning. We're hoping this is the one to finally break the one-week curse that our picks seem to have in the woot-ranks, but nothing is written in stone. Grab yours ASAP, therefore, because these kittens won't be up for adoption forever.

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james said...

We just adopted a kitten locally. We would have preferred an adult cat, but then our dog would have two cats in the house that hate her. When it comes to rescuing animals, we have found at least half of the folks you deal with to be real pains in the ass; almost daring you to adopt from them. At that point we walk.
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