Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prize Claim Notice

Some contest updates:

Golden & Darels, I will be ordering your DBH tees this coming week. When you have chosen your desired piece, do be sure to email me at 5songsinc -at- gmail.com with your size, selection, and address.

Original winner eHalcyon has given up his shirt for reasons best known to his silly Canadian head, so I have redrawn, and ressamc is our new winner. Please send your preferred size, address, and shirt color (check goodjoe for those) to the above email address

As for the rest of you, look out tomorrow for a new Print Review!


Jestik said...

I want a recount! I think the voting is rigged! Goldenthorn and Darels must have multiple SingulariTee accounts! Foul, I say! Foul!!!

darels said...

I want a recount too! Oh wait, so you don't mean another Dracula? Darn.

And I've sent the mail already, thanks!

goldenthorn said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Gold has a bright sheen to it; one might even say it's.... SHINY.
It's enough to make anyone go dead-eyed submissive.
Don't hate me cuz I'm good at cheating.
(hate me because I'm so damned cute--I won with bunny ears)


eHalcyon said...

The reason was that I'm not one of those rare Canadians who loves baseball, so I figure some red-blooded American would get far more enjoyment out of the shirt.

Thanks to Mr. Adder anyway! It's really great how you run these contests. :)

darels said...

So goldenthorn, which did you settle for?

I got myself the Burgbot, would be a nice accompaniment to future meals.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Adder. I am looking forward to wearing this. I chose a pink one. Thanks to eHalcyon also.

goldenthorn said...

Heya, darels!

I chose We Are In This Alone, which will be a nice accompaniment to my future bouts of existential angst and weltschmerz.