Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tee-cember: Black Coat, Slate Shirt, White Tee, Cadillac

Today's post comes to us via shirt.woot and their side deals. Appears this little place called Validus Apparel wants to sell us some shirts. I'm personally eying their first holiday package. It includes Time Bomb (above left), which is a bright, dramatic, gradient-rich print, as well as Chocolate Rain (above right), which despite an unfortunate shared name with a so-yesterday internet meme, is attractive and simple and cute, and what's more, available in slate or creme. I rather dig both of them, so for me the package is a score... it's not a huge savings (just a buck at current prices), but it's savings anyway... plus, the promise of "goodies" is always alluring to me. How can I say no to promotional silliness, especially from a site which seems to promise good things as they grow? You can, of course, get these seperately from the links above if you only want to spring for one, but no matter what, toss on the discount code "woot" for 25% off. It's probably just a one-day deal, but it certainly makes the price tag sweeter for that one day.

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Kristian Hay said...

Hey there!

I just wanted to thank you for posting this about us and diggin' our tees! These are the types of things that keep me going and pushing onwards to grow the company even further! I hope you order something you like and thanks again. :)

-Kristian Hay
Validus Apparel