Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tee-cember: A Cold Day in Hell

Shirt.woot has been in what can only be called a slump if you're a kindly soul, so today's offering is incredibly welcome, and not only because I almost went blogless tonight. They call it Nuclear Winter, and it's by Steven Lefcourt. It's pretty solidly a winter shirt, but thankfully winter is a damn long season up in the north. I like the fact that it's artistic finally... not only are the skeletons done simply but skillfully, but the colors are cold. Sure, the white is a given, but the purple/blue used for shading gives me a chill just looking at it. It also has deadly humor (I love the hats and mittens) and a subtle commentary to it. And if for nothing else, the artist insists he did not live trace a photo for this. As woot has stood lately, that should be enough to support this design to the ends of the earth.

You should know how woot works by now... this will be on sale at $10 today only, but you can grab it for $15 until it's reckoned. If you miss it today, grab it right here. Just make it fast... this one is looking pretty popular so far, but there's never a guarantee that a woot shirt will last past its first reckoning... in this case, the first monday of the new year. I'm crossing my fingers for longer, but life, and certainly shirt.woot, knows no guarantees.

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