Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tee-cember: The Shirts Off Your Back

Thanks to Pop Culture Tees for the lead on this'un, which might be one of the more interesting things to follow in 2009.

Do you know this guy? After this year, you might be very well acquainted. His name is Jason, the mind behind IWearYourShirt.com. The concept is what it sounds like... Jason (shown left in his last shirt of 2008) is selling his body out as advertising. Each day in 2009, he will be sporting a new set of threads from a new sponsor. Most of them seem to be corporate... there are some web design companies and charities and even a winery in the first month, but there are some shirt companies scattered throughout as well, and a number of unspecified but sold days, which could throw in an intriguing wild card. Ustream is the first sponsor, getting the coveted $1 spot, with each successive spot costing as much as the day's value (ie: December 31st, the final day of the year, would cost $365). The whole to-do intrigues me for its novel approach to both marketing and generating income, and while I've received enough free promotional shirts to know that most suck pretty hard, I'm interested to see how the year goes for the site. Most of the later dates are still available for purchase if you've got a decent advertising budget and a shirt for Jason to wear. I personally hope to see this ingenious little idea pay off both for its mastermind and those of us tuning in for a unique blog experience and maybe even some swanky tees.

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