Friday, December 12, 2008

Tee-cember: Updates We Have Heard on High

Those of you who follow the shirt world may already be familiar with LoiterInk, most notably home of more Tom Burns designs than you can shake a stick at (it even houses a sequel/remix to his incredibly popular Threadless tee, Communist Party). Which is fine and good, but I'm much more concerned with telling you that shirt.woot Editor's Choice hopeful "Take a Picture" by lunchboxbrain has found its way to print there. It's a great little witty idea, and the camera has a very distinctive style and palette... I'm happy to see it find a home. A definite future purchase for me.

Loiter might be an even better option during the cold winter months, because they offer long sleeved shirts and hoodies along with the standard tees. They even let you pick from a variety of shirt color options, making your tee pretty damn custom. We at SingulariTee are a little wary of custom colors. We tend to believe that an artist picked a tee color for a reason, and for this reason we recommend the lighter options like it's original creme, or else the suggested gold; however, we are also inexplicably drawn to the teal tee option, and may well cave to that whim.

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lunchboxbrain said...

Thanks for the shout out!