Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tee-cember: Threadless Holiday Sale pt.2

This week at Threadless continues their holiday sale, which for starters means scads of hot new shirts... seriously, sales at Threadless almost always debut the best new shirts, and this week top honors goes to The Seven Ages of Mandelion, by Baron Von Monkey. It's simply a solid piece of work... the concept likens a flower's life cycle to a man's, and there could be no better flower to show this than a dandelion. The illustration itself has a great hand-drawn feel to it, as is the artist's standard, and each age is characterised well, from the clothing to the posture... you can tell exactly what sort of concept is coming across, even with the original tag line missing from the final shirt.

Threadless has also announced the second of their hidden gifts: extra savings on orders over $50, $75 and $100. This may be sad news for people who have already made huge purchases (I told you, only grab the essentials), but with the right $100 order, you could get up to three free shirts.

If you're finding yourself a little under the next price-point (especially for the $100 payoff) you might want to consider browsing the generally pricier Select Series, where some shirts are over 50% off. This week's select, Jason Urban's The Sailor and the Sea Serpent, is not even close to so well discounted, but is definitely primed to boost you to an extra $5 off your bill (or if you've already got $80 in your cart, you could snag it for a fiver). It defintitely is a bold shirt, though not one I'd recommend if you find yourself on TV often. If you tend to only be viewed live and in person, though, it looks totally worth the tag... the lines make for a dramatic full-shirt print, I love the blue the artist selected, and the curves of the snake playing against the backdrop of lines really add a stellar 3D feel to the coils of its body. If you're the sort who likes to live bold, I cannot imagine a more fitting shirt for you, especially when it comes with extra savings.

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