Monday, December 1, 2008

Tee-cember: Uneetee Cyber Monday Sale

For the month of December, at least until that magical 25th day, I am going to try and squeeze in a blog a day, for your retail pleasure. Need the perfect gift that is also a shirt? Want something to blow your holiday cash on? Like getting a really early jump on spring wardrobes? Come and get it. As such, I recommend checking back often. Fun will abound. Promise.

Starting the fun is Uneetee, who I've never really mentioned here yet. It's always been a matter of the right time, and now I suppose is it. Right now, as we speak, they are holding a "Cyber Monday" sale, with their shirts starting at $13. Nothing I was considering seemed to be at that price point (most seem to clock in 'round $15), but considering the seeming rarity of a Uneetee sale, it's worth browsing around. They have a pretty diverse selection of types of tee, including Mikko Walamies' Ole. It's a great conglomorate of absurdity, humor, and a stylish execution. The colors are both subtle and bold... the gold shirt is nothing if not attention-getting, and the reds, both the light one on the cape and the approaching-black ink for the linework and most fills, pop dramatically, like ketchup on mustard. At the same time, the pale yellow is perfectly chosen so it shows clear against the lines, but doesn't stand out too dramatically. Equally bold is the bizarre concept. Using the classic role-reversal idea, the bull looks incredibly dapper in his matador garb, while the man, nude as he was born, looks awkward and sad but also injects a bit of humor with his makeshift "horns." There's a hidden subtext here on bullfighting, if you insist on looking for one, but the graphic is one that will make a statement either way. Definitely worth a buy. Be sure to browse the whole catalog too, though... with Uneetee, it's generally worth grabbing a second shirt to combine some shipping. Try to hit them up today, too... all signs point to this sale being a one-day deal.

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