Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tee-cember: The Reason for the Season

A hot tip from a half-hour in the future: prolific designer Jimiyo's blog has a hot tip regarding tonight's print at TeeFury, where he helps as curator. Starting at midnight, EST, until midnight Friday, TF will be selling his design, Hope. While normally, I'd be a bit unlikely to talk up a one-day design I didn't love, especially one chosen by its own artist, this one has a deeper purpose: Jimi will be donating his profits to a local charity.

Of course, that alone isn't enough to get a shirt on my blog, but when you're dealing with Jimiyo, there's always a reason to praise the product. He's a master of text, always hand rendered and always thematic, not slogan-y. When he uses it, it's to bolster the illustration, not to explain it. There's also the impeccable detail, the super-smooth lines, and the gorgeous texture. In this piece, the colors kill... the sea-foam green especially makes this unique and pops off the black like nobody's business, yet the unconventional color combo is done skillfully so it looks just right. Also in this piece, it's all about concept... the phoenix coming up from the flames is all about hope, but the flames on the heart bring it back to the human experience, and how true hope burns within us. There's a reason Jimi's so respected artistically... this design helps show it, and with his affable persona and generous intentions on this print, I'm proud to be able to tell you to head to TeeFury any time Thursday and pick this up.

As always, don't forget that TeeFury prints for 24 hours. That's it. Finito. No guarantee you'll see it anywhere again. If this is calling to you, and there are myriad reasons it might, you shouldn't dally.

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