Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tee-cember: The Bleakest of Midwinters

Christmas is a time to remember the good times. Y'know, like those times when you got good gifts instead of inevitable boxes of socks or rolls of stamps. Remember when your aunt would get you something awesome instead of a tub of popcorn? Yeah, those were good times. But it's also a time to be happy for what we still have. Consider this sad little dude to your left. All his friends are dead. Makes your shit seem trivial, don't it?

Want to make his holiday happier? Take him home! You can find him at Big Stone Head, a small humor shirt purveyor which, if nothing else, takes home the prize for awesome site names. They also seem to have a couple somewhat fresh jokes, which is not only rare but appreciated. This particular shirt attracted me less for the joke (lol dinos are extinct lol) but more for the awkward and confused look of the dinosaur itself. It doesn't seem to know how to react to the news. The simple style is ideal also... you don't want to over-reach with this sort of idea. More than that, though, I enjoy the cute little guy juxtaposed with a morbid message. The store has other dead friend shirts, which makes one wonder why the poor guys don't get together for coffee and become their own buddies, but this one is the best by a country mile. I do, however, recommend checking out and perhaps picking up their book on the subject. Sometimes we just don't know how good we have it.

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