Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tee-cember: Carving the Roast Beast

I'd like to thank the fine folks at Cottonable for leading me to today's feature, because it is one of my new favorite things ever.

The store is called Family Dinner For One. The name has nothing to do with shirts, unless you are perhaps a moth, but the store definitely is about them. It's a do-it-yourself operation out of the Boston area, making them pretty local and all the more worth writing about here. The shirts are hand-screened, which certainly is a nice personal touch, but better yet is the sense of tripped-out humour evident in each of their shirts. It's not a huge selection, but there are a number of winners. To me, the standout is the Pizza Or Die trilogy, which I am hoping to see in theaters this summer. You'll note two of the designs at the side; the third involves nunchaku. Awesome? Sure. But not as awesome as a shark and a bass guitar. This should give you a bit of an idea as to what sort of thing you're going to see here; if you're the sort of person who needs your shirts to "make sense," you are incredibly the wrong sort of person for FDF1. For the rest of us, there's something incredibly charming about the juxtaposition of the baker, looking like he was ripped straight from your local pizzeria's box, presenting not a pie but something totally unrelated. It's like a Monty Python shirt... the humor bends reality in much the same way. And it's awesome.

My only problem? Can I justify two nearly identical shirts in my wardrobe? To that end, if I cannot, how does one choose between a shark and a guitar? Feel free to weigh in on this weighty matter, readers. Your efforts will be appreciated.


David said...

Shred or be torn to shreds? He may be out of water, but I generally follow the better safe than sorry rule.

theinfinityloop said...

Although the shark is funny, I think the guitar one is slightly better. It's more of a trick of the eye than the shark. People might see the shark and wonder if he's going to make a seafood pizza, whereas the guitar is more random and causes more of a double-take. That probably doesn't make any sense, sorry. LOL.