Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tee-cember: The Red-Shirt Bird-Deer

Looks like Uneetee's Cyber Monday sale has developed into a full-blown holiday sale. The same rules apply: all shirts down to $13-$16, most seem to level off at $15. My official guess is this will be continuing until this coming Monday, but with their current contest promotion (more on that tomorrow in the contest watch) it is entirely possible we'll be seeing sales all month. If anything big changes, we'll keep you updated.

While we're still chatting about Uneetee, though, let me direct your attention to Dina Prasetyawan's "The Deer Lives In Trees Too." To me it's an example of stock images done right. The tree, the hunter, the birds... by using a stock style, or perhaps stock stock, the subtle payoff is larger. The shirt really works with the subtleties above all else, which gives it the feeling of a skillful collage more than most similar works. Coupled with the color scheme (I love the richness of the shirt color and chosen yellow), this may be the most "tasteful" shirt you'll see 'round these parts for a while.

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