Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tee-cember: Deer Brethren? Hoorah!

For starters, today only, shirt.woot is Random Shirt-ing. Not only that, but right now they're available in ALMOST all sizes. Normally by this point all the best sizes are sold down. Like surprises? At $6.66 a pop, free shipping, it could be worth it. And if not, there's always TeeTrade.

Also worth considering, probably even more so, is Design By Humans, which has launched a post-holiday sale. It's your standard DBH sale-points... approx. 20% off all their tees. Except this sale, we're looking at $10 tees also. This is nearly 50% off on their cheaper options, but there are even some of their higher-priced wares selling for $10, making nearly 60% off. If you've never gone to DBH, NOW is the time. The sale ends Jan. 4, and as I'm sure you recall from the Threadless sale, the faster you bite, the more chance you'll get what you want.

One shirt I am mos. def. picking up is The Suspended by Tervaja. It's awesome, to put it simply, and features a majestic springbok. The illo is plenty nice, and the red elements give it a very modern and unique look, but the horns are the true focal point here. Not only are they very attractively done, but they extend over the shoulders and down the back like long braids. It makes the shirt incredibly unique... maybe not ideal for sweater weather, but when the spring and summer come along, this is the sort of awesomeness that is going to rock everyone who sees you's world. This was a given for me the second I saw it, but $10 for a shirt this special makes it a must buy for anyone who is a bit unsettled by that hideous holiday sweater they got-or-are-getting-later.

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