Monday, December 29, 2008

Tee-cember: Our first Threadless updates.

Welcome back to the blog. Forgive me for my extended absence... 25 days of blogging (and a holiday to recover from) can be exhausting.

With the year drawing to a close, it is sometimes worth taking an inventory of what you've done the year before. In the case of this blog, I've been averaging over 2000 hits a month. I have no clue how many are unique, but for someone who is convinced he's small time, it seems like solid numbers for an upstart, so I'm quite proud, and excited to see what the new year holds. I am also proud of my 17 contest watch segments, largely because in four measly months, 7 of the pieces I talked up have seen print. Those last two can be seen at Threadless this week.

My pick of the week, by far, goes to Death and Colours (week of 10/16) by Thiagob. It made every bit an attractive shirt as I presumed it would, and even with recent Mathiole prints that revel in similar simulated process color splashes, it still stands out as unique against the average Threadless shirt. It's a definite buy as soon as I can justify a new Threadless shirt... I -did- just get my 8 in from the holiday sale.

Earlier than all that (week of 10/9), I talked up another design with a much different but still definite artistry: The Mouse Tamer by Phillydesigner. This one is definite Threadless, mixing the art with humor to bring us a mouse taming an elephant. Or a mouse gymnastic troupe showing off their finale. Whatever the case, it always seemed like it was meant for Threadless to me, and it's good to see exactly that through its printing.

Half the fun of this blogging thing is seeing truly wearable and creative content get its day in the sun. It comes as no surprise, then, that my favorite part is seeing a piece come from a lowly submission to a full-blown print. It's something I hope we can rejoice in together more often in 2009.

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